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All residential and commercial moving services.

Have you ever thought about a business or professional area where transportation of moving is not included especially when it comes to products not services.

Yes! Moving of products is important to carry on the business smoothly. But the real question is having the transportation vehicles is not easy or economical for every business especially when it comes to small or local businesses, having a separate budget of shifting or moving the supplies or end products is not easy so how to solve this problem?

Well if you are in Los Angeles than you are good to go as we are here to help you out. Getting Moved is all set to provide you the best and carefree commercial moving solutions.

Being one of the leading moving companies in Los Angeles we are providing the best moving services for our customers out there so no one faces a setback in their business.

We all know that Los Angeles is one of the luxurious places the whole USA but we are here to bring the most amazing and reliable solution at the most economical rates. We are mainstream moving company in Los Angeles and our aim is to bring the ease for your business and that is why we are here to provide the best commercial moving services.

You can’t find movers in Los Angeles easily because of the high rates of moving services but when we are here you don’t need to be worried for the rates because we are here with the most amazing services, perfect vehicles that suit your needs and highly trained staff to cater your requirements.

What we offer is not only the moving services but the whole process is under our watch, right from the picking up the products or supplies till loading it to the truck with care to avoid any harm to it.

To make it happen our highly trained workers coordinate with the company and see how things work and then they’ll do the rest for you.

We are all set to deliver your products all over the state. You just need to schedule the moving and that’s it. Our professionals finish the job with finesse and make it sure that our client feel satisfied and safe about the products or supplies.

With over 500+ successful commercial moving we are providing the professional moving companies in Los Angeles to end the task with best results.

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Pricing is tailored to each company ion and individual basis
22ft Truck
Per Hour
  • 2 Guys. All equipment included.
22ft Truck
Per Hour
  • 3 Guys. All equipment included.
22ft Truck
Per Hour
  • 3 Guys. All equipment included.
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Getting Moved is the fastest growing company in all of Southern California. Recognized for our hardworking employees and great customer service. We strive to help our fellow residents of our beautiful Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley safely relocate their belongings quick and easy.

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