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The Packing, Unpacking, & Crating administration has approved our company for forwarding domestic shipments.

Professional Packers in Los Angeles

We provide professional packing, unpacking & crating services.

There is no doubt in the fact getting moved from one place to another is not an easy task as you need to be very careful for the whole process especially when you have fragile, gigantic, or vintage stuff. Yes! This whole process needs the highly professional and trained staff that can tackle the whole process and provide you the perfect packaging to keep your stuff safe during the process.

But where to find highly competent and trained professionals!

Well! If you are in Los Angeles than leave all the tensions behind!

Getting Moved. is here to provide the ultimate moving services with the highly professional packaging to make this process easy and comfortable.

We are the professional packers in Los Angeles eager to provide you the ultimate moving services with not only the perfect vehicles but with the professional packaging to avoid any harm to your precious stuff.

Our highly professional staff with the right training packs your stuff right according to its need. We understand how things should be packed. Our team categorized the stuff and makes a list to see what stuff needs what kind of packaging.

We not only pack your stuff but also dissembles it as well for a safer delivery and moving. Our team of professionals tightly packs all the stuff to maintain the safety of it.

 Being one of the highly professional packers in Los Angeles we do our research before starting our procedure to help our clients in the best way possible.

After the moving process we unpack and assemble your stuff to help you to settle in to the new place. This procedure is all about our care for you.

We believe in the fact that moving process can’t be completed without proper packaging and handling the stuff but you don’t need to take tension anymore because Premium moving is all settled to bring you the finest moving and packaging services in all around the Los Angeles.

It is the time to pick the right moving partners for your personal and commercial needs to be on the right track to get your desired position in the market.

Give us a chance and see how much we can add worth into your business and personal moving without burdening your pocket. Hire us and see the professionalism in our work!

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Pricing is tailored to each company ion and individual basis
22ft Truck
Per Hour
  • 2 Guys. All equipment included.
22ft Truck
Per Hour
  • 3 Guys. All equipment included.
26ft Truck
Per Hour
  • 3 Guys. All equipment included.
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Getting Moved is the fastest growing company in all of Southern California. Recognized for our hardworking employees and great customer service. We strive to help our fellow residents of our beautiful Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley safely relocate their belongings quick and easy.

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